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Being a physicist I was a teacher of mathematics and physics at a school in Bavaria/Germany.

I have the honour to be a member of the following IQ societies.
In addition I belong to an equal exclusive group of people being diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.

You may be interested in the article The Outsiders related to people with high IQ.

Mensa International
(founded by Roland Berrill and Lance Ware, Great Britain)
of which Mensa in Germany is a national chapter

98th percentile, minimal IQ = 100 plus 2.06 standard deviations
admission by 'Intelligenzstrukturtest nach Amthauer' IST 70
My local group of Mensa is at Munich/Bavaria.

CIVIQ Society
(founded by Evangelos Katsioulis, Greece)

99.87th percentile, minimal IQ = 100 plus 3.00 standard deviations
admission by 'Encephalist-R22'

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